The focus of the massages at metta is aimed at freeing the soft tissue from cramps and adhesions which have lead to limited mobility of many joints and reduced functional activity of the internal organs.
Freeing the soft tissues leads to stress reduction due to the relationship between the state of the myofascial and peripheral nervous system, on one hand, and the central nervous system, on the other.


The techniques used during the massage increase the body’s resilience and immune response – a direct result of activating a number of vital acupressure points and improving blood circulation as well as lymph flow. Working on the acupressure points also enhances the release of neurotransmitters and happiness hormones into the bloodstream.


During the massage, if the specific issue requires it, our therapist could use additional methods such as:


  • Suction cup therapy (at the client’s request)
  • Pulsating infrared light that increases the levels of ATP (the molecule of energy for the cell) in the mitochondria
  • Moxa therapy (for specific indications)


The ultimate goal is for you to go back to reality feeling free, relaxed, energized, refreshed and positively motivated.


Our massage therapist Kaloyan Kalev graduated from the National Sports Academy in 2014 with a degree in Spa-culture, Hydro, Litho and Thalasso practices. In 2012 he successfully completed a course in “Classic and Asian Massage” and “Bodybuilding and Fitness-Bodybuilding”.


From 2014 until 2017, Kaloyan worked at the Center for Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture “EDI”, where he performed classical and reflexology massage, combining acupressure and manual techniques, methods of thermal and mechanical influence, impact by radio frequency, cavitation and coherent infrared light. He is interested in alternative healing practices in the fields of Chinese medicine, light and magnetic therapy, dietetics, psychosomatic influences, human design and astrology.


Massage prices:


  • 60 minutes – 65 BGN
  • 90 minutes – 85 BGN


These massages are performed at metta’s massage room.

To book an appointment, give us a call at 0884 00 87 96.


The Ayurvedic yoga massage (AYM) is a unique combination between the two ancient traditions of Ayurveda and Yoga. They are combined in a special technique to heal the body in depth.


The method originated in the early 80’s in Pune, India thanks to Master Cosum Modak. Throughout the session, our therapist uses elements of deep tissue massage, organic sesame oil, Ayurvedic herbal powder, precise stretching based on Yoga postures, while all movements are accompanied by controlled and conscious work with the breath.


This perfect structure of modalities focuses on several key elements for maintaining and restoring physical, emotional and mental health, namely:


• The quality and capacity of the breath

• Improved blood circulation

• Movement of Life energy (Prana)

• The strength and flexibility of the spine

• The lymphatic system

• Muscle elasticity




• Improves posture and the natural position of the spine

• Opens the chest

• Helps to remove toxins from the body

• Relieves tension in muscle tissue, improves blood circulation and supply of cells with nutrients and oxygen

• Relieves feelings of stress, anxiety, tension, fatigue

• Creates good immunity and resistance of the body to diseases

• Has a good effect on digestion

• Improves the flexibility, strength and endurance of the body

• Improves health, well-being and longevity

• Controls weight and takes care of the beautiful silhouette of the body

• Contributes to healthy and restful sleep

• Helps to create a deeper and more conscious connection with our body



The Ayurvedic yoga massage is a deep therapeutic process that requires regularity and perseverance for best results.
The frequency and number of therapies are determined depending on the individual’s needs and health condition.


The massage is performed on the ground on a comfortable mattress.


Duration: 90 min
Price: BGN 95
For reservations: 0884 00 87 96


Contraindications to AYM:


• fever
• infectious / viral disease
• after drinking alcohol
• recent operations
• skin diseases
• varicose veins
• pregnancy
• skin burns
• inflammation
• undiagnosed pain
• cardiovascular diseases
• swelling
• psoriasis / eczema
• high blood pressure
• osteoporosis
• nervous or psychotic states
• epilepsy
• diabetes
• pinched nerve


Important! Before the massage, make sure to have an empty stomach, at least 2 hours after the last meal.


After the massage it is recommended:


• not to drive;
• to drink more water;
• to have the chance to rest.


Veselka Sukhdeve is a certified Yoga teacher and massage therapist. Dedicated to the yogic path for years, she discovered her teachers in India. Trained by the doctor / surgeon and Osho Sanyasin – Dr. Sanjivani, Taruna. She has completed Dr. Taruna’s 21-day Breast Care Program several times, attending short seminars in Bulgaria, Romania and Greece. She is certified in “Sahasi Women’s Massage”, “Ayurvedic Yoga Massage” by the method of Master Kusum Modak and classical Thai Massage at the Thai Massage School of Chang Mai, Thailand. In 2018 she enrolled in Hatha Yoga training at the Kaivalyadhama Yoga and Ayurveda Institute – Lonavla, India. During her visits to India, she practiced Osho’s meditative therapies and meditations such as: “No mind”, “Born Again”, “Mystic Rose”, “Talking to Body and Mind”, “Nadabrama”, “Kundalini”.