We believe in moderate hedonism.


This is why we offer a selection of our partners’ products as well as our own in a strive to recharge the body with balanced foods and beverages.


At metta you can find:


* 100% organic African cactus oil – you can also order online at mettashop.bg
* 100% organic Argan oil – you can also order online at mettashop.bg


Using these oils on their own or a combination between them has many positive effects on the skin:


  • the fine wrinkles disappear and elasticity is improved
  • deep hydration
  • helps heal symptoms of eczema and psoriasis
  • decreases the harmful effects of the environment. The ingredients in the oils incl. the high levels of vit. E are a natural filter
  • removes stretch marks, nourishes nails and hair
  • both have anti-inflammatory properties


We also have:


*DABOV coffee


* bio herbal teas Sonnentor


* homemade and bottled kombucha


*a selection of Bulgarian craft beers


*pretzels and wafers – harmonica


*chocolate barsГайо


*Kookie cat cookies

and others.